I care about you. And...

I make art as a way of deeply caring for myself. My photography practice is a walking meditation, when I’m frustrated or blue or overwhelmed or need a break, I go outside with my camera seeking beauty and light in the tiny, unseen places around me. Even though the world can be filled with ugliness and darkness, I can always find a sliver of beauty to focus on.

My painting practice feels quite opposite of my digital photography practice because I use all of my senses from clearing my energy with sage gifted to me by a shaman, to stretching and hula hooping, to singing and dancing to music that I only listen to while painting . I love the way the colors swirl around, how they blend and how they transform once dry. My paintings represent play, joy, movement and my love for life.

I want you to know that you don’t have to apologize for wanting to live, work and be in a beautiful space. Immersing yourself in beauty is a powerful reminder of how good it feels to be alive. When you feel restored, you can do more of the things you need, want and love to do which creates a beautiful ripple effect around you.

I believe that an empty cup quenches no one’s thirst. Taking care of myself is how I replenish my creativity and making art is one of the core ways that makes me feel alive. I have conquered lymphoma five times.  It's important but not the whole point; the point is all that I've learned, which includes:

  • being kind to myself is easier the more I practice it;
  • the quicker I choose to forgive, the easier it is;
  • that when I’m feeling bad, to ask for hugs and love, to go outside and take a breath, to move my body in some way, or to sit down and close my eyes; and,
  • that the opposite of fight or flight is rest and digest.

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