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I care about you. And...

I want you to know that you don’t have to apologize for wanting to live, work and be in a beautiful space. Immersing yourself in beauty is a powerful reminder of how good it feels to be alive. When you feel restored, you can do more of the things you need, want and love to do which creates a beautiful ripple effect around you.

I believe that an empty cup quenches no one’s thirst. Taking care of myself is how I replenish my creativity and making art is one of the core ways that makes me feel alive. I have conquered lymphoma five times.  It's important but not the whole point; the point is all that I've learned along the way:

  • being kind to myself is easier the more I practice it;
  • the quicker I choose to forgive, the easier it is;
  • that when I’m feeling bad, to ask for hugs and love, to go outside and take a breath, to move my body in some way, or to sit down and close my eyes; and,
  • that the opposite of fight or flight is rest and digest.

My photography practice is a walking meditation, when I’m frustrated or blue or overwhelmed or need a break, I go outside with my camera seeking beauty and light in the tiny, unseen places around me. Even though the world can be filled with ugliness and darkness, I can always find a sliver of beauty to focus on.

My painting practice feels quite opposite of my digital photography practice because I use all of my senses. I'm delighted by the way the colors swirl around my palette and canvas, how they blend and how they transform once they dry. My paintings represent play, joy, movement and my love for life.

When you bring my art into your home, it is a a reminder for you to slow down and breathe. This allows you to check in with yourself. Ask, "What do I need and want in this moment right now?" Then, please restore yourself because our world needs your light and energy more than ever.


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