88 Howard Street, San Francisco

I apologize for being MIA yesterday, I had my little guy home again and I chose to be the devoted mama instead of being present here. He wasn't very sick, a low fever with no other symptoms so it was not the worst illness to deal with by any means. We even went out to the market and stopped along the way for a long walk in the spring sunshine.

I'm here now to share the rest of the photos of where I lived with my dad back in 1990-92. Let's start off right with the amazing view from our apartment and the tower that we lived in.

Pretty sweet, huh? I knew enough at 21 to enjoy it as much as possible. I remember saying to myself regularly, "I may never have an eight-block commute again in my lifetime." Here are some of the things I saw every single day: looking up, walking in, walking by and shopping in.

I had a lot of classic adventures from my home base at Howard Street. You could find me clothes shopping at The Embarcadero on the way home with a fresh paycheck in my pocket, eating and drinking margaritas on Fridays at TGIF or Chevy's with friends, eating lunch either at the Far East Cafe around the corner from my office or a sandwich on the steps of Old St. Mary's. Trust me, margaritas at Chevy's were just the appetizer for someone who just turned 21 and lived in San Francisco! (Am I right Lyn?) 

I would regularly give all the cash I had on me to almost all the homeless people I passed. Usually small amounts but once I gave $40 to one man and he proposed to me in return. When I told my dad about that one, he gave me a little talk in a slightly exasperated way as if he couldn't believe how UN-street smart I was coming from a hardened New Yawker like him. I would take Bart all around, thrilled by the way the ticket got sucked in by the turnstile. I gleefully ran any and all errands needed by the law firm that I worked for and I especially loved visiting the library and Superior Court. 

I have nothing but fond memories of my time in San Francisco. Thank you for letting me share some of them with you. Please, I would truly love for you to leave a comment with your favorite memory of San Francisco on this post!