A Binder Project

I have so many of these white binders filled with medical bills and Estimate of Benefits (EOBs). EOBs flood my mailbox like yellow pollen from an oak tree on a spring day. It is hard enough to be a cancer patient but the amount of paperwork and headache it all creates is truly adding insult to injury (but that's not the point of this post).

I had this idea awhile ago that if the binders are prettier to look at, I might be more inclined to look at them and use them. So, the point of this post is Paper. The Glorious Healing Powers of Paper! Okay that's a bit melodramatic, but they do heal my spirit a little bit. Now I just need to get more paper as I only bought one sheet to see if it was a good idea.

Evil Medical Binders "Before"

Evil Medical Binder "After"

Definitely a good idea! :)