Blik Here, There, Everywhere

I have this family room, this really wooden family room, with a lot of wooden furniture in it. I'm on wood overload here. 

The paneling is not in good enough condition to paint. I am not up for painting all of my wooden furniture (desk, two drawer units, media units) some other color either. Hello Totally Impractical. 

And yet, I need to break up wooden room, including and especially, this giant 12' w x 9' h wall of imposing wood seen on the left there! I have already removed the wooden closet doors and will be putting curtains up to soften up that side of the room.

For the giant wall of wood, I bought a roll of white contact paper and planned to cut 9 circles out to mount on the wall above the tv, right in the middle of the Giant Wooden Wall. I got the idea from my IKEA chair.

But this got me thinking, what kind of cool wall decals are out there?

Well. I could save myself the tracing and cutting and put up these red ones. 

We do have a red thing going in the room, between the beloved red upholstered rocker and the red ticking stripe curtains I got.

Or I could finally get a little Eames action 
going in my own home with these rad circles.

Or we could bring a little of the beautiful outdoors in.

Or we could change gears altogether and go all elementary school style. 
And switch out the curtains. And ignore the giant red chair, ha ha.

All decal images from Blik