Conversations with Jaden

I picked up Jaden from school this afternoon and was chatting with another mom while lots of kids were playing after school. After awhile, I did my standard transition announcement; today's was "Two more times across the monkey bars and then we're leaving."

I proceeded to get knee-deep in conversation about spirited kids with the other mom, and I heard Jaden say, "okay bye Mama!" So I looked up and said, "one more time ok?"

Okay so I was actually waist-deep in the conversation and so we repeated that scenario one more time. I wrapped it up at that point and as we walked to the car, I thanked him for trying so hard to stick to the agreement as I had originally asked.

"Yeah Mama, looks like you really spit out your bubble gum this time, " he said to me.

"Oh yeah? What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means it looks like you really 'unstuck the agreement'," he explained (with air quotes no less.)

How much bubble gum have you spit out lately? ;)