Don't Be a Fool! Protect your IP

I have a challenge for you this weekend, are you ready? I want you to set aside some time to prepare  for a day of action on Monday, April 1st. It's called "Don't Be a Fool!" day and together, we will take solid action steps to protect our intellectual property (IP).

illustrated graphic for creative copyright awareness campaign

Beautiful badge created by the talented Abigail Page for Sweet Eventide

I want you to join me on this creative copyright awareness and action campaign on April Fool's Day. Here are the action steps in detail:

  • registering at least one copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • prepare a template for a cease & desist letter (should you ever need to use one, you'll be ready)
  • create/update the copyright policies on your websites/blogs

If you can't commit to doing all three items in the challenge, then I vote for a commitment to register one copyright. Take some time this weekend to get organized and determine which piece of work (or works) you want to register. This way the actual registration process will go smoothly and easily for you on Monday.

If you want to know more about why copyright registration is so vitally important* to fully protecting your IP, it's because if you found yourself needing litigation to resolve a copyright infringement, you will be eligible for both attorneys' fees and statutory damages. Without the registration, you are only eligible for infringing profits or a direct loss of income as they relate to the infringement. Registration means the difference of potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees alone.

* Read page 7 to learn more about the advantages of registering your copyright(s).

On Monday, I will have all the links you will need to complete your copyright registration in a new blog post. If you just can't wait, then the links are contained in my post on Oh My Handmade Goodness from Tuesday. If you need ideas to prepare for the template, please review Lela Barker's post, also on Oh My Handmade Goodness.

This beautiful badge is meant to be shared. You may download it, write a blog post with it, put it in your sidebar, etc. We want as many creatives as possible to take action on Monday, April 1st because we are NOT fools and we WILL protect our IP together!

Are you in?

Let me know in the comments if you'll be keeping me company. Please do the creative community a favor, and share this post using the buttons below this post!