Friday Poems

I & lonely I
twin versions of me do dwell
inside my walls of flesh, my blood
in a rush to keep me alive
speaks & speaks so well.
I & lonely I
roommates in a cell
in constant conversation
& always more to tell.
I leave lonely I
just to get away,
for unlike lonely I
I must live life today.
I go for walks & stop in city places,
where lonely I would never go,
for he knows those lonely faces.
I stay awhile, chat and smile
& then retrace my paces.
Back to lonely I who is always
at home waiting.
For I & lonely I
still have much debating.
What did I do, who did I see?
Was it lonely there? asks lonely me.
Yes, says I to lonely I,
who knowingly says to me
They're not much different than you & I.
They're as lonely as can be.
So I & lonely I
spend the night together
and lonely I says that's how it is,
And I talk about the weather.