On My Desk

I am a bit frustrated by my home environment lately, and the current target is my desk: "If only I had a bigger/better/everything desk, my whole life would be all better!" 


You know that kind of logical fallacy, don't you? Maybe your hair has been the target? "If I can control my hair, I can control my life!" Or so we hope...

In any case, my angst led me to this very interesting blog called On My Desk where "artists, illustrators, designers & creative folk share the stuff on their desks."

So in all its ugly glory, I thought I'd share the current state of my too small/not-good-enough desk!

The essentials: coffee cup, glasses, stapler, beloved lamp.

Calendar (unused since iPhone),
unused iTunes cards (why do I collect and never download?), 
a love note from the Noodle

Evidence of a month-long illness and a wicked, wicked bag of receipts

Let's look up to the left and away from the desk: 
a gifted, charming birdie, a drawing from the Noodle and a color wheel!

Okay this was a little fun even though there is a lot of work waiting for me on the desk. And if you have a better way of dealing with your receipts, I beg you to tell me about it.