Reader Appreciation Day

I think we all know I love everything about blogging: the creative outlet, the opportunity to write on a regular basis, the endless inspiration, the exposure to all kinds of art, the photography...I can go on and on.

Something else that I love about blogging is knowing people are out there reading my posts and I especially love when someone is moved enough to comment. Comments make a blogger's day, every day!

Today is the official beginning of Reader Appreciation Days around here. I would like to give a Reader Appreciation Award to one of my very loyal and supportive friends and readers: Miss Clare of This and That. Clare really knows how to give out the comment love and I appreciate it every single time she leaves her mark on my blog.

Clare, Boo and Me
one of my all-time favorite photos (was this in '06 or '07?)

The last time she happened to comment on one of my photos and wrote, "Beautiful picture. It brightened my day..." For a photographer, there is no greater joy than to hear that someone thinks one of your photos is beautiful.

I think Reader Appreciation Days and Awards feel great! It makes my heart bigger to share my gratitude so much that I plan to make this a regular feature here.

Is there anyone special in your life that supports you? Please leave a comment and give an Appreciation Award of your own, and if there is a link involved please leave it!