Teux Deux

Good afternoon! School is back in session after a week-long vacation and that means I can get back to my normal level of activity online like blogging, tweeting, job searching, etc.

It rained over the weekend and today we have glorious clear skies and cold, refreshing air. Although signs of spring are all around, I like it because I'm not totally ready to say goodbye to winter. My camera is more than ready to greet the new season though.

via my trusty iPhone

Next up after this post is a to-do list because after having the Noodle home for a week, I have a lot of catching up to do. I have tried a simple text editor, good old pen and paper and now I'm trying Teux Deux, which I learned aboutĀ from Erin at Design for Mankind in her Blog It Forward post. I like it's clean, minimalist design. I really do well with a list but it's like any new habit getting it going regularly.

I have not forgotten my promise to mail a little something to everyone who left a comment on my Blog It Forward post. One of the items on my Teux Deux list this week is to make a spreadsheet and send out an email to collect the addresses.

How was everyone's weekend? We had a special treat from Jeff's mom: a visit to see Cirque du Soleil's production, Ovo. The whole family went and the grandchildren were all spell-bound. Truth be told, so were all the adults! It's not often that I see my husband gasping on the edge of his seat. Spend 90 seconds and watch the trailer!

P.S. Today is going to be a double-posting kind of day so please come back later for a special announcement that I'm quite excited about. :)