This Weekend, Try Something New

I get *really* hungry after I swim so today on the way home, we stopped at a sandwich shop and I resisted a soda. Yes I did. I tried something new!

It was delicious. I think I even went so far as to say to my husband, "it's so yummy, it's like a party in my mouth." No HFCS either. Now I want to try other new things this weekend. Kind of like how Erin buys a new weird veggie every time she goes to the grocery store.

I'm also thinking along the lines of things not related to food and trying something that's not necessarily conducive to my personality, like singing my way out of a bad mood. While I was at the pool earlier today, I saw a flyer for an upcoming "try it with a friend" capoeira class. Or maybe I'll try something from my list like merging my email accounts finally or dusting off that old guitar or saying a lot more "yes" or learning how to make a cheesecake. Maybe I will take a baby step like this peaches and cream cheese cake from Sam at Inklore instead.

So I'm full of ideas and I'll report back on Monday to hold myself accountable a little bit. Have you tried anything new lately?