Weekend Report

It was a beautiful weekend here in Portland. I had a mid-day date with my sweety while our son was out playing at the park with a friend. We headed over to Foster & Dobbs for some beverages (wine for me, beer for him), curry lentil soup and salad. The light in the cherry tree across the street from where we sat was dazzling.

sunlight cherry tree spring portland

It has been so long since we had a date, and we cherished the quiet time together to sit and chat. Later that evening, I visited my friend Kim at her shop Maven Collective. We ended up for dinner at The Observatory, where the most lovely flowers and candles welcomed you from the cold evening air.

flowers candles observatory restaurant portland oregon

Sunday morning, my boys headed up to Mt. Hood for their first day on the slopes since we moved to Oregon. Not only that, but the Noodle tried snowboarding for the first time as well. While they were having an awesome Daddy/Son day, I joined Kim again for a happy visit to Plucky Maidens. I bought this club moss for Jeff's office, isn't the vintage white planter divine?

club moss white ceramic round planter

I ended my day with some long overdue Jess Time. I went back to Foster & Dobbs for soup (I got red wine this time, chardonnay on my date) before heading into Root Whole Body for a long overdue massage.

Did you notice a theme here of long overdue self care? Even on weekends, I tend to work, whether it is for my business or for my house. I haven't been giving myself this kind of free time. I'm actually working on that issue, but dates and massages haven't been tended to for awhile. Trust me, I notice the irony that when I am the most stressed is the very time that I am the most apt to toss self-care out the window. Why?

Does that happen to you too or do you have your self-care dialed down to a routine?