100 Photos: No. 1

A couple of days ago, I was hanging out in the Shutter Sisters pool on Flickr when I ran across a discussion started by Toni to spread the word about her One Hundred Photos project.

I was very intrigued because I love the idea of an ongoing creative project, but also did not want to commit to a 365. After 24 hours of thought, I decided to do 100 polaroids because I am still quite intimidated by my Pola. I think this project will be the perfect way for me to make friends with her. It's like making plans twice a week with someone you really admire, know you have a lot in common with  and want to get to know.

B.'s dresser

I took this photo two days before I read about the project. My nephew's dresser whispered to me, "Please put down that fancy Canon and capture me with Pola." Funny how often something I do prepares me for something ahead, even though I have no idea that it will at the time. It has happened countless times.

P.S. Toni has another gorgeous blog called Waking Up in Bavaria about her family's adventure moving to Germany from California. Check it out! :)