100 Photos: No. 7

Good day friends! I am thrilled to announce I discovered my Polaroid package in my mailbox a few minutes ago. I've been waiting for this package and guess what? It was in my mailbox since Thursday and I was clueless! I have a P.O. Box where I receive most of my mail and I guess I thought they would leave the package on my porch.

I am very happy that my 100 Photos project is back in business. I think this is a great birthday gift for my blog, don't you?

a surprise Easter treat: Canel's chewing gum (like Chiclets)

Apparently the Easter bunny came with the Polaroid bunny to visit my mailbox. Look what I found inside with my two packs of Polaroid 600: yummy gum and a cute bunny postcard from a sweet friend. This empty white shelf is an awesome score from our school rummage sale over the weekend. I got so many goodies you wouldn't believe it. The school raised an astonishing $31,000!

Don't forget to enter the blog birthday giveaway, I found a special goody at the rummage sale that is going in the package as a bonus. But you have to trust me because it's going to be a secret for now, although I will give you a hint: I have mentioned it here on the blog in the past six months.