A Tree Saga Plus Soft Lights

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. This year, we struggled with opposing aesthetics for the first time. Jeff and I prefer asymmetrical, tall trees with lots of space between branches. The Noodle apparently prefers the traditional triangular variety that are very dense throughout. This led to a huge upset to the tune of 30 minutes of terrible sadness when he fell in love with a tree that we didn't. 

In the end, the winning idea was to get a miniature tree just for the Noodle's room. He actually managed to find a close replica to the one we left behind at the first location. Every year we name our tree and this year we welcomed Schroeder into our family for the holiday season. For about five minutes our tree's name was Charlie, therefore the Noodle named his tree Charlie Brown so now our tree is called Schroeder. 

To celebrate the first night with Schroeder, I was inspired to make a traditional Italian Sunday family dinner. I made my Grandma's lasagna, meat balls and sauce from scratch. We had pistachio gelato with butter waffle cookies for dessert (not from scratch). White mums graced our table in tiny little jars and the napkin rings were made from pipe cleaners strung with two miniature glass ornaments.

the Flat Stanley of ornaments

What's not to love about all of the wonderful soft lights of the holiday season? It is a key part of what makes it all so magical, isn't it? Twinkles, candles, soft reflections...it is easy to get lost in a daydream. 

superfly 70s ornament

dandelion ornament

My wish for all of you is that you're beginning to feel the magic of the holidays, and not feeling too stressed. I have been simplifying the holidays in bits and pieces over the years and I think this is going to be my most relaxed season yet. I exchange ornaments only with most of my girlfriends and this year the family is swapping names for the first time. There are only three little ones in the family to buy for so overall I am looking forward to my shopping. I am limiting my card list this year too.