And Then She Made a Tote Bag

Here is the tote bag I made for Marsh for her Christmas gift:

We had a handmade/vintage/reused holiday in our family. I gave it to her partially finished to open that day but I only finished it this past weekend. Mostly I needed to sew the straps together.

The tutorial* I chose to follow was much harder than I thought it would be. Being a newbie seamstress, I do not know how to evaluate a pattern.

Note to other newbie seamspeople:

Tote bags with linings?
Anything with linings?
Not for us. :)

The vintage glass button is definitely the best part of the whole bag.

Too bad I sewed the loop too far in so the button is in the most awkward position! This is AFTER I sewed the loop in upside down. You don't even want to know about the lopsided interior pocket, trust me. I won't even mention the actual stitches, machine or hand! All crooked all the time!

Yeah I may not sew again for awhile, LOL.

*TinyHappy is a rad blog btw.