Anxious Anxiourson

Today all of a sudden, I am totally freaking out about the housing situation. Although my husband might disagree, I've kind of calmed down about it the past 10-14 days. (I swear!!!)

The rental market is glum in our price range. We are trying so hard to be dedicated to our price. We agreed to suck it up for a year and then re-evaluate. Yet I am conflicted. I think about having to move again in one year (if we found a place today!) because the places we are looking at do not feed into quality elementary schools.

I am just beginning to feel squirrely about everything. It actually started last week. Minor hints in my body, a little jittery, some itchy leg muscles, you know? So I'm airing it out here. I will try to take a deep breath. I will spend some time not on Craigslist but on Great Schools.

I think it's time to work more backwards and acknowledge this feeling of impending doom that we might finally find a place in September and will have to go through all this again 11 months later. Maybe since we're here in discomfortland, I will stay here until we find a house that feeds into a school I approve of...buying myself time later right now. I don't know. I'm sick of CL. Same old crummy listings day after day. So for today, I'm going to change my m.o.