Artist Profile: Noemi Manalang

I am not normally a follower of fashion so I was surprised this morning when I had a sudden urge to search Flickr for fashion illustrations. Even though I don't subscribe to Vogue (or any other fashion mag), I have always had a fondness for fashion illustrations.

Still, fashion illustrations are not on the front burner of my art stove or anything. But Flickr never fails to provide eye candy and I became smitten with Noemi Manalang's stream.

Especially the girls looking away from me.
Those really catch my eye, heart and imagination.

My mind cannot help but start to fill in the back stories here. And clearly, I am in a red mood. Plus I cannot resist anything camera related, that is a known fact.

You can enjoy more of Noemi on her blog, Noomie Doodles Fashion.

(All images belong to Noemi. Isn't her name lyrical?)