Artist Profile: Rachel Austin

This morning while I was visiting Bloesem, one of her ads caught my eye: Rachel Austin map paintings. I was smitten right away. Rachel's map paintings are layered with maps and each piece is named for a location on the map. I just love this concept!

Rachel shared a lot about her process in her August 2008 Quit Your Day Job interview on Etsy's blog, The Storque. One part that particularly stood out to me was her answer to the question, "If you could go back in time...what advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now?" Rachel said:

I didn't have any smaller items when I started out...I think it is important to have different items at lower price points for those who like my paintings but can't afford the originals."

Here are a few of those kinds of items that I like a lot!

Left: Birds Flying Over Flowers print, $18; 
Middle: Here to There journal, $12; 
Right: Tents and Bird pocket mirror, $8

Rachel is a sweet and approachable artist. She responded warmly & quickly to my request to profile her on my blog. This native Oregonian even recommended a nice person for me to chat with in Portland who relocated from the Bay Area a few years ago. (Yes, the Big Move is the big white elephant in our life but it is still in our consciousness.)

You can keep up with Rachel on her blog Paper and Planes, her main site, her Facebook Fan Page and, of course, her beautiful Etsy shop. You know, doing these artist profiles is one of my favorite features on my blog. Thank you Rachel for sharing your beautiful work with my readers!