Autumn Colour Week, Thursday :: Brown

I take these color weeks a bit literally and go out and shoot the day's color on that day. Yet each day, I've had a goal of posting by 9 a.m. Hmm. Yet another example of unrealistic expectations for myself! So I'm publishing after 5 p.m. today, by far the latest this week, but there was stick collecting to be done and that takes time when done properly.

I love this simple fence that looks so different from other fences.

Spied on the walk home this morning while jamming to Lifehouse.

A precious gift from precious friends on a precious day (our wedding).

Found inside the above box where I keep all manner of special things,
including Italian coins from my two trips now 10+ years ago.

Brown is one of my favorite colors and you can get lost in more of its beauty over in Poppytalk's collection of the day. I am especially into these twig pencils they featured.

You can also find me over at the Green Phone Booth today, talking about something edible and golden brown.