Conversations with Jaden, I've Lost Count of the Number

Scene: dinner table. dinner was one leftover mini-burger (1.5" diameter) cut into six pieces, two teaspoons of mac&cheese, one teaspoon of peas&carrots. about two pieces of burger and all the mac&cheese had been eaten.

Jaden: I'm full Mama.

Me: Are you sure about that? You know, this is the time to fill your belly for the rest of the night.

Jaden: I'm sure.

Me: How about that trick where you close your eyes and feel your belly? Is it still full?

Jaden: I'm sure.

Me: Do you know how else you can tell you're really full? When someone offers you a bowl of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles AND M&Ms and as yummy as it looks and as much as you want it, you could not even fit one bite of that ice cream in your belly.

Jaden: Was today a work day and a school day Mama?

Me: Yes.

Jaden: Then you wouldn't offer me a bowl of ice cream on a day like this.

To understand why this conversation makes my son a future lawyer, you'd have to know that we have a new rule in effect wherein Jaden gets dessert on the weekends only. So now you can see how skilled he is at finding loopholes.