Friday Poems: In Flight

I chose this poem not for a particular reason this week, but simply because I thought it was beautiful, lyrical and had lovely imagery.

photo credit: Rofanator

In Flight
by Jennifer K. Sweeney

The Himalayan legend says
there are beautiful white birds
that live completely in flight.
They are born in the air,

must learn to fly before falling
and die also in their flying.
Maybe you have been born
into such a life

with the bottom dropping out.
Maybe gravity is claiming you
and you feel

For the one that lives inside the fall,
the sky beneath the sky of all.

Jennifer Sweeney's book How to Live on Bread and Music definitely sounds intriguing.

This long weekend I may find myself at the Alameda Antique Fair. If so, I will be sure to bring my camera so I can share the visual goodies with you all next week.

Bon week-end!