Friday Poems: Littlefoot, 19

Mrs. French has done it again, gone into Flickr with a dreamy vision  that goes straight from her heart into mine. This time it's pink peonies. As I commented there, I passed up a bunch of pink peonies just the other day, but now I am determined to get some to enjoy this weekend.*

© 2006, Pear Biter

Thus inspired, I went looking for a poem. Since I cannot control line spacing here in my blog, I have done a screen shot from because it seems clear to me that the spacing is a key visual element to Charles Wright.

Littlefoot, 19 [This is the bird hour]
by Charles Wright

I have a hunch that Ribelli and I will be spending some time together this weekend. (Are you wondering, "Who is the mysterious Ribelli?" Well, I just this instant decided to name my camera -- she is a rebel and everything sounds better to me in Italiano.)