Inleaf Designs

Okay after huffing up the hill after school dropoff this morning, I admit I was near tears. I am out of shape and this is not an easy way to ease into exercising. But I am determined! Somehow I will get through this portion of the life program.

One way for me to get through is to reward myself. Today that reward was a quick escape into a pretty blog or Etsy shop, which is what I did immediately after walking in the front door & grabbing my water bottle. Inleaf came to the rescue!

blue queen anne's lace towel

Okay the towel doesn't need any sales pitching from me. It's so beautiful I can hardly stand it and have I mentioned my theory about how houses call out certain colors to me? My last house was all about yellows and this house wants blues. So there's that, but the photo! Where can I get a white brick wall?

brown fern sachet

Wouldn't these sachets make a wonderful hostess gift this holiday season? Yes I did say the dreaded h-word (holiday, not hostess!). It's all my friend Colleen's fault for point out on Facebook yesterday how many months to go, thereby planting an evil seed into my pea-sized Virgo brain.

Since I subscribe to the "one for you, one for me" philosophy of gift giving, here's what I will get myself. A tidy, compact, go with everything, clutch.

brown running cedar zip purse

Lotta is the kind of artist that I aspire to be. Using natural fabrics and everyday objects, she makes them into something breathtaking and extraordinary. I try to do this with my camera, by photographing the little things. Seamstress I am not, but lucky for us, we have Lotta. And lucky for us, she's going to keep blogging!

photo credits: Inleaf Designs