Link Love aka Sweet Links

Today I thought I'd share a few things I have enjoyed lately in my web travels.

I can't stop thinking about this cranberry vinaigrette from Erin at fresh365. I am going to have to try making and bottling it soon.

I am enjoying a new blog, Lolalina. I love the name and the look of Laura's blog which is all about "discovering and living your sweet life from small, everyday pleasures to grand adventures."

I love these Photoshop magnets (via Jess at How About Orange). I think they are just so clever and I like them even though they're out of stock.

I loved finding out about the film project Make a World based on Ed Emberley's book. You can watch the teaser like I did and then keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook.

I adore this card from two guitars. Their entire shop is bursting with wonderful things. The Portland art scene is mind boggling to me. Scott ships his work in biodegradable plastic bags, how cool is that? Thanks to Poppytalk for the introduction to this fine artist.

I just found out that I won this amazing Amala giveaway on Bliss. I am in a state of happy shock, this is not normal for me! I can't wait to try their products.

Finally, last night I fell head over heels in love with this photo from Abby. I don't have permission to put it up on the blog yet but if she says yes, I will come back and edit the post. Until then, please do click on it! {Thanks Abby!} It is a very serene image and brings me peace during a tumultuous week with the Noodle. Abby is having a sale right now in her Etsy shop and she is also in Portland. See what I mean? It is non-stop inspiration coming from the PNW. I could do weeks of posts just on art out of PDX.

Okay that's it for now. There is so much holiday talk around the blogosphere, I guess I needed a little diversion even though I enjoy all of that too.

(All photos link to their source and copyright belongs to the respective people).