Lorem Ipsum

Well my grand-momma always used to say, "You learn something new every day" and as it turns out, my grand-momma was right! Or whoever coined that phrase!

Do you know about Lorem Ipsum?

Neither did I.

I saw it once upon a time when I registered Rosina Red and then opened iWeb on my laptop to try to make a site to go with the name. The template I chose had a bunch of Latin all over it. And that was the end of it.

Until tonight when Jeff came home from his Web Task Force meeting at Jaden's new school and we were discussing the K/1 websites that need to be created still. Somehow the conversation wound its way down this loosely documented path:

Jess: So Jaden's room's site used to be a .Mac site because it used iWeb.

Jeff: No I don't think so.

Jess: But it has Latin on it just like my site did in iWeb.

Jeff: Oh you mean Lorem Ipsum?

Jess: Yes!

Jeff: No, Lorem Ipsum is everywhere, it's a super common place holder for text. I have a Joomla test page on my Mac right now that I used a Lorem Ipsum generator on.

Jess: No you don't.

Jeff: Just Google it love.

{Jess immediately Googles and begins blogging all about how she must be the only person in the entire universe who doesn't know about it.}

Jess: Is this a web thing or does everyone know about this?

Jeff: I think it's a web thing.

Jess: Do you know that today in Target Jaden asked me if I knew Latin? What have you two been talking about lately that he would ask me that?

Jeff: Nothing, what did he say?

Jess: He said, "Mama, do you know Latin? I said, no. And he said all knowingly, "It's a language."

Twilight Zone!
Happy Latin Tuesday.