Made in China

I picked this fascinating read up at the library last week:

This is an active image, a new html skill for me. :)

Anyway, it's all about a year in the life of a family who vows not to buy anything made in China. With two kids and a husband, the author definitely has her work cut out for her sicne the majority of all toys and electronics are made in China.

Not only was this book thought-provoking, but downright hilarious. I laughed out loud more times than I could count. I finished it today, and wouldn't you know, we were out of diapers so I had to go to Target. I was amazed to find that the author was 100 percent right and the entire holiday section at Target is from China.

All I can think is thank goodness I have bigger issues on my mind and I don't have the energy to take up a boycott. Although I sense it in my future because the low prices at Target and Old Navy have been nagging at my conscience for some time now. But this year? This holiday season? There is a mighty cute snowman I want!