Maker Faire

We attended the famed Maker Faire this weekend. 

photo credit: my darling husband

It was very busy, very crowded, very exciting. 
The Noodle made a pal and took stuff apart with fierce tools.

Betty and I created stuff and added it to the community project. 
She made a lady and I made a curtain. 

Here's Lady perched above my (unseen) curtain.

Carnival food and local microbrew were consumed, an artistic tee was purchased. 

Here is some of the good stuff I saw at the Bazaar Bizarre:

There is even more that I will profile in weeks to come for all of you!

The Noodle had a grand time and was exposed to lots of creative thinking. I would like a day there alone next time. I missed an entire building filled with my kind of good stuff. Drat. I did make it to a few sweet spots, including the Etsy booth!

"I simply can't believe I'm standing next to real live Etsy Admins!"