Moo Business Cards

I've been wanting to have a business card since I relaunched this blog almost six months ago. I had one designed to match the new look around here but it didn't work out for me to use the design. So I've been stumped for months about what to do.

Last night I couldn't sleep and somehow in my insomnia I came up with a solution: use a business card made by Moo. Now I have had mini-Moos made before, but not for Sweet Eventide and not a business card.

Drumroll please...

screen shot of my order

This is one of my all-time favorite photos. (Is that weird to have favorites of your own photos?) I actually ordered my card with three different images altogether so when they arrive, I will share the other two that I chose. 

I also decided to order some new mini-Moos. That was a lot more complicated somehow because I forced myself to really simmer about what it is I am doing here at Sweet Eventide. In the end, I came up with a mission statement of sorts.

Sharing art, photography and daily inspiration 
so you can spend your favorite time of day in a delightful way.