Orange Wednesday

For Color Week I had every intention of taking fresh photos outdoors daily. Alas, life had other plans. My noodle has a sore throat, fever and "sore arms and neck Mama."

Ready for a shocking photo (with a hint of orange)?

Everyone who knows Jaden knows he has NEVER EVER put himself down for a nap as evidenced by this photo taken an hour ago. In fact he hasn't even napped since the preschool switch in December.

Luckily we have quite a few orange items around the house!

I see that most of my favorite crafting tools are orange.
Wonderful tools that help me make fun things with paper.

Like Jaden's 5th birthday party invitation.

I can't possibly overlook the largest orange item at home!
The Orange Car.

Although this one was taken months ago at Santana Row,
that spot of orange jumps out at me today.

And who could forget the Orange Ornaments?