Today Jaden and I scoped out an apt. complex in downtown SJ.

It turns out it was only one block from Japantown so I was talking to Jaden about that. He was so cute -- Mama what is Pantown?

"No no," I said, "it's called Ja-pan town." I said it's a community with a lot of Japanese people, Japanese restaurants and stores. I said it's a cultural hub.

He said, "Do they speak our regular language?"

I said they probably speak English and Japanese. I said regular is not really the best way to describe English. It's the native language that we speak but not for everyone.

He told a passerby, "We're going to Pantown but I don't speak Japanese yet!" She said, "Oh, me either!"

We found a noodle house and had shoyu ramen, (NO VEGETABLES right mama?), rice and edamame.

Show me your full belly Jaden...