Pause for Photography: Mike Bailey Gates

I do not know how I stumbed on to this photo, but you have to stop and check out Mike Bailey-Gates. He is sixteen seventeen and he likes winter hats, frozen shoe laces, numb feet and spies. Well, I like spies too! Mike was awesome to give me permission to share this photo on my blog today.

Words cannot possibly add to this photo, so just get lost in it for awhile. Then go to this set, and love on this gorgeous, amazing doe.

At least, this is how I plan to spend a stormy day in the Bay Area!

And Mike, you are pretty darn rad.

P.S. Right before I was about to publish this, I went to add Mike's website to the post and I realized I had seen it before. Oh yes, Bright Light Guy sent me his site almost a month ago. So I stumbled onto Mike this week again on my own, but I was shown the way by Sean. Thanks Sean! Now go get lost in some amazing photography! :)