Good morning!

We had a productive weekend. We finally finished getting our things out of the studio and storage on Saturday and yesterday, we made huge progress assembling our outdoor shed that we bought on Craigslist last weekend. 

The shed is not a small project considering there isn't a speck of flat land anywhere on the property. It is also critical to my peace of mind because it is a key ingredient to finishing unpacking before school starts next week. So I feel confident we will finish which is in high contrast to how I felt 24 hours ago. 

Huge props to my husband for dedicating almost an entire Sunday to something un-fun for me!

I've noticed these flowers blooming around the yard in the past week. There are about five of these across the back fence in the open space. This one is right by my driveway. I love these random bursts of pretty pinkness among all the wild, unhewn areas layered with dirt, random stepping stones, flagstone, pine needles and fallen oak leaves. It's kind of like being the only girl in a house of boys (furry ones too).

What do you think?