Poppytalk & Squarespace Giveaways

There are some amazing giveaways going on that I feel obligated to tell my sweet readers about just in case they aren't already in the know. 

There is a *massive* letterpress giveaway over at Poppytalk and you can enter until the end of the day on Thursday. Click here to see all the pretty choices! 

Here are the prints I hope I win: Twirl by Elise Joy and Poppy by Delphine Press.

Squarespace is an awesome website platform that I have recently signed up with as I am planning lots of new features for Sweet Eventide and feel too limited here on Blogger. Lo & behold but they are hosting an awesome iPhone giveaway for the entire month of June! 

Twitter is very fun and manageable so don't be scared. Sign up and send a little tweet to enter! Just add "#squarespace" into your tweet to have a chance. I sure did!

Best of luck to all of us!

I'm late for the chiropractor now -- oops!