Promises Promises

Here is "Ribbons 101," the post I promised to deliver!

I love ribbons but you sure wouldn't know it by the way I treated them: shoving them all into one, too-small, plastic bin with no room to breathe or mingle with friends or have a family reunion.

Exhibit A: too-small, crammed plastic bin

Now I know exactly what ribbons are "in stock."
From left to right, there are your:

1. curling variety A; 2. curling variety B; 3. chiffons
4. raffias; 5. skinny minnies; 6. baker's twines
7. double-faced satins (dfs); 8. prized Paper Source dfs; 9. rejects

Exhibit B: how to treat ribbons well.
Remnants in one glass candy jar and curling ribbons in another.

Exhibit C: two ribbon dispensers filled to their brims.

The best part?

All year when I have to wrap a gift, there will be no stressful, chaotic search through the "ribbon bin." Because ironically, after all this, I don't really like how they look in the dispenser! LOL, that is so Jess.

And another promise: a new banner for the new year sometime this week for me and a friend.

(One of my resolutions is to make realistic goals, ha ha).