Rolling Huts

When I saw this vacation idea in the latest issue of Sunset Magazine, I knew I had to share it here even if for no other reason than having a record of it for my own selfish desires. :)

These Rolling Huts can be found northeast of Seattle near Mazama, WA and by the way, they don't actually roll anywhere. The glass and steel cottages are just 210 sq. ft. and there are showers, etc. in a nearby barn. It's camping+, but in the most modern aesthetic I've ever seen.

all images © Rolling Huts

The living room furniture can be rearranged to assemble another bed. That is so appealing to my container-loving brain. Rates run from $95 in low season to $125 in high season, which is wintertime. Methow Valley is now officially on my list of places to visit in this lifetime.