Scene Around Home: Drawing

Two days ago, I scored a cool table on Craigslist that is going to be home to lots of creativity. It is a long-term dream of mine to have an area of our home dedicated to artful endeavors.

I set it all up Monday night. Now there are several containers of pencils, pastels, markers and crayons at the ready, along with paper galore within reach. Even my sewing machine now lives underneath it, close to a power strip and a good source of light.

When the Noodle woke up yesterday morning, he was inspired to draw right after breakfast. I was so tickled. He drew what he could see right out the window, our plum tree (with a boy in a high branch eating a plum) and the house in the hills above us. 

Yesterday I went to IKEA and got two adjustable chairs to keep at the table (instead of stealing dining room chairs all the time). Inspired by J's drawing, I sat down to draw last night too. 

Jeff took this photo of me with his iPhone. I had no idea he was taking it which is why I like it. I was trying to draw a girl on a swing, because we had just finished installing a swing in our family room. In the end, I had more fun drawing the girl's dress so I started a new drawing just of a pretty girly dress. 

Illustrator I am not though, so no sharing!

So this is a scene from our family room. Jeff and I sat at the table listening to Pandora last night and sharing a glass of wine. Talk about a lovely night!