Scene Around Home: Relaxing

This weekend we did a whole lot of fantastic nothing. 

There was time for swinging (always and as often as possible) and time for a few projects around the house. We enjoyed wonderful company and two family dinners. I baked with the Noodle and hung some art. The boys became a bit obsessed with a rented Wii game. 

The scales of unpacking have finally tipped from more to unpack/less settled to more settled/less to unpack. The shed is loaded, the deck is cleared and we enjoyed quiet family reading time on it in the afternoon sun. A trip to the nursery was made and a few lovelies were purchased at 40% off (a honeysuckle vine, red and white begonias and yellow lantana).

There was even time for silly self-portraits and a crazy haircut situation with a spontaneous visit to Supercuts plus more chopping upon arrival home. Yes I'm crazy, maybe I spent too much time upside down? 

If I had to choose my favorite moment of the long weekend, it would be racing home on Saturday evening from the movie store in time to snap this picture. Talk about sweet eventide! 

What was seen around your house this weekend?