Scene Around Home: Salle de Bains

Good Monday to you!

I've decided that as I tip the scales past unpacking and more toward design & nesting, I'd like to share little corners of my new home with you. So I'm introducing a new column, Scene Around Home. There won't be a set schedule like Friday Poems, but I will publish it as I make my way through the house, turning it into our home.

One thing that finally helped me create a first corner or two was buying myself a bouquet of flowers on Friday. I do this from time to time, probably not often enough. Then I split it into many little jars, vases and jugs and share the color anywhere that suits me.

salle de bains

One spot that received a dash of floral color over the weekend was our (only) bathroom. I paired the orange daisies with the pale green glass of a saved Dr. Pepper bottle. I love the original tiny orange tiles in our 1940s house. And don't get me started on my white ruffled shower curtain! Oh ruffles, how I adore thee!

I'm in a French-y mood lately too and doesn't bathroom just sound so much better in French?!