Spoiled Rotten

My husband, family and friends really spoiled me rotten this year and I am completely humbled by gratitude. In all honesty, I was thrilled just by sleeping in, having Starbucks and then later, the spaghetti dinner at Betty's. Having one meal not be my responsibility was a huge gift.

But there was more than a dinner, so much more, like I was living in my own personal Ginsu commercial. There was a handmade (with lots of love and cream cheese) key lime cheesecake from Marsh & Bob. There was a spa day from Jaden, a ridiculously beautiful original monotype from the cheesecake makers, a color wheel from Oma which I have wanted for some time, and...there was this:

...the gift of a lifetime!

This awesome machine was from my amazing husband, his amazing mom and our amazing friends Jamie & Jay. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well I spoke 183,000 words in the first 24 hours* -- and they're all shouting:


* You can see some of those "words" if you click on that cute lens cap up there.