Sweet Links

It's time for another round of Sweet Links. There has been too much goodness around lately. Also, it is a mighty fine distraction from the evil germs that invaded my body last night rather unexpectedly.

Lisa Congdon's new piece at 20x200, Lovebirds.
Hello, cheerful colors!

The Heated dishtowel in orange clementine or red raspberry.
Hello, darling!

Ordinal Dresser at Anthro
Hello, Virgo heaven!

Heart Flags Garland by Cori Kindred
(via Poppytalk)
Hello, crafty desire!

Floral Heart Card by the ever-amazing Rifle Paper Co.

Hello, dreamy illustratration skills!

P Magazine, free cd issue with every order at Polapremium.
Hello, amazing Polaroid photography!

Speaking of Polaroid, my 100 Photos project has temporarily fainted since I ran out of film after Jackson's portrait session. I called around to the local places I have found it so far in my Polaroid career, but I've had zero luck. So I guess I am about to place my first order online! I can't wait to revive my project. Luckily lots of people have joined Toni's project so check out her growing blog roll until I come back with No. 5.