Sweet Links

I had a lot of fun last week putting together a post full of link love, so I am going to do it again. Here are even more things I have enjoyed in my web travels recently.

How about this wonderfully precarious stack of bed pillows from the Tine K Home catalog? I wish! My darling does not understand decorative pillows on the bed at all. So I will stare at this picture instead (via Catalina).

I loved this compilation of vintage posters. It's hard to choose one to highlight but these adorable circles with sweet typography and French phrases stole my heart. I also spied the Swell Season poster I shared on Facebook.

Speaking of typography, I am drooling over this gallery of sketch type (via Smashing Magazine). What's not to love?

Talk about organic -- I fell for these wooden cup minis the instant I saw them. The rest of Nature Design's shop's is great and I love this quote from the profile of this Eurpean shop: "...my goal is to take out the item what has been all the time inside the log."

For my Bay Area peeps, how about this cool way to find parking? Thanks Dwell for bringing this to my attention (via Good Magazine).

I liked learning about this blog, TwiTip about how to use Twitter more effectively. Thanks Carolyn for tweeting this find for the rest of us.

Finally, considering that I have come down with a cold this week, I'm loving these stylish Polopolo pocket tissue holders from Yokomono Studio.

edited: I forgot the sweetest link of all! This Times Online roundup today of 50 of the world's best design blogs featuring so many, many, of my faves like #50, #30, #10, #7, of course, #6 and last (but not least) and near & dear to my Portland-loving heart, #28.