Sweet Sailing

Yesterday while the carpet was being installed, I headed to my MIL's house with the boy and the dog for a few hours. The dog can be left in her yard, unlike ours, so the boy and I got to spend some wonderful time together walking around her neighborhood. We shared a Peanut Butter Moo'd and played a new board game at the Treehouse.

We met Nana for lunch and went back to play another round of Monte Rolla. I have a hunch we'll add this game to our collection. It's the same concept as Chutes & Ladders (which I've always detested), where you slide back and forth in an effort to complete a course, except it's enjoyable and cute. I'd play Monte Rolla for hours.

When it was time to go, Jaden decided to spend a little of his allowance. There was a big debate between a bag of rocks or...

Nice choice little guy! 

Oh the adventures he had with the summer breeze on the walk back to my MIL's! Now that's what I'm talking about -- no Wii this or Star Wars that can compete with a good old fashioned wooden toy and a child's amazing imagination.


I'll be back with Friday Poems in a bit.