The Torch

Funny how February 21st never fails to arrive every year and I find myself feeling sad and crabby.

Generally the best cure for missing my dad is to go through his things. So after dinner tonight, I hit one of the poetry boxes. Alas, I still don't understand most of his poems and alas, he is not here to explain them. So I moved on to his high school yearbook The Torch.

Hey look Dad, they have a web site and it has your birthday right on it! Fancy that.

Going back to the past now, here you are on the lower left and what I like best about this whole entire yearbook find tonight? I have your address in New York now, something I never had before now. That is cool and it makes me feel so happy. I'm going to Google it later. I found another address of yours too in the pile of poems that I never knew about but maybe I'll save that for next year's homage.

You had a fair number of signatures and well wishes from all the guys in Electrical Installation. I wonder where they are now? Close to retirement at 62 I'd say.

With the advent of electronics, the EI graduate has even wider fields to conquer.
The opportunities are endless; only the will to persevere is needed.

-- Taylor Evans and Domenic Minerva (your classmates)

I guess it wasn't all work and no play over there at Westinghouse, you cats had a good sense of humor there in print. Gems that I'll never get such as "Have you tried the dynamic 88?.....I'll be satisfied with a sloppy 65" and "Gives you that refreshing feeling..........Mr. Greene's gentle touch." I wish you were here to show me your yearbook Dad.

Hey, maybe these guys would understand your poetry!

You boys left the future students "no homework" and The Grade Advisors an "unstrained quality of mercy" but I'm going to leave with this inscription from Charles on the very last page:

to Anthony

be correct and
bold your a
friend that will
never grow old