True Love

I've been working on my expectations never always lately and especially yesterday on Mother's Day. Usually all that really matters to me is a card -- I love me some greeting cards. Most years, my boys have let me sleep in and then they surprised me with a bouquet of hand-picked wildflowers.

This year, all I really wanted was for my Noodle to treat me kindly as lately I'm the object of his anger for whatever reason. I didn't want a gift or to be waited on all day long. I had a mix this year -- I was very surprised with the gift of a massage and chauffeur service to and from the appointment. But my Noodle and I had several low moments from breakfast all the way through to dinner.

I am not here to post about that ick though. I'm here to share the beautiful card my husband made for me and how meaningful it was to me.

My Kinderkram Waldorf fairy from Treehouse in the Glen

You see, I am not the most naturally playful mama you'll ever meet. I was not a very playful child either. I bought myself this red fairy a few months ago to remind me that there is a playful part of me buried inside. But then I forgot to play with my playful reminder fairy.

What makes this card so special is not even that I have never received a drawing from my husband in our almost-eight-year history (and this drawing amazes me so!) No, the card is special because of the thought behind it. He knew that this year I needed more than words. I needed to see that my playful spirit exists. Even on a hard day when it is buried in the Hudson River like a Mafia victim; along with my loving kindness.

That, dear friends, is true love.