Vanilla Moon Project

Greetings Cupcake Lovers, my apologies for the delay in this edition of the Vanilla Moon Project. I lost my blog post on the way to Portland. Or Jackson ate it. Or something like that. In the meantime, my Key Lime post got picked up by the Cupcakes Take the Cake blog!

Okay, it's high time we move on to the Carrot Cake cupcake as reported by Jamie days ago.

Let's begin with the lavendar blossom that perfectly echoes
the plum walls of the cupcakery.

I treated my darling husband to a double espresso.
He said two things: "That is some crema!" (about the Caffe del Doge) and
"I've been let into the inner circle" (about being invited to Vanilla Moon with me and Jamie).

Here she is, Miss Nutmeg, aka a Carrot Cake Cupcake.

Here are Miss Nutmeg's innards: hearty chunks of carrot and raisins.
And cake, duh.

The Review:

This time I ate my breakfast cupcake in the proper order, icing first. Well there wasn't much need to go further after getting that creamy cream cheese topping in my mouth. It was a swirl of nutmeg-laced heaven melting preciously upon my tongue. It was light and airy. I am spotting a baking trend here in my third week as a cupcake reviewer.

I actually do not care for raisins in things like salads, granola or carrot cake. I like my raisins on the rocks per se. I like them pure. Nonetheless, I was impressed by the size of this puppy in my cupcake. Too bad I didn't have Jaden with me this time, it was practically a salad as far as he is concerned.

All in all, another delightful cupcake. I can't rate it as high as the Key Lime cupcake because I am nothing if not biased for my favorite flavor.

As a very pleasant aside, the fine folks who run this fine cupcakery missed us! We normally do our tastings on Tuesdays but this time went on a Friday and they said, "We were getting worried you didn't like us anymore."

Are you people livin la vida loca? :)