Wave by Suzy Lee

Wave, a wonderfully wordless book by artist Suzy Lee, is one of those gems that stops you in your tracks the moment you lay eyes on it. It's published by Chronicle Books* of course. 

That is exactly what happened to me sometime in 2008 when I first saw it at Anthropologie. It was one of the hardest times for me to follow my self-imposed rule of not buying books. 

When I saw it during my last library trip, I snatched it up breathlessly. I didn't even tell the Noodle it was for me. 

I highly recommend you find this book somewhere as soon as possible and see what happens on the page before this one where the little girl gets soaked! It is classic. Come on, I had to tease and challenge you a little!

This little girl is back at the library waiting to delight someone else besides me. But part of her is in my heart and I have a feeling she will come out to play the next time I get myself to the ocean for a little visit.  

*Have I blogged about Chronicle Books yet? About how this year I've realized that most of my favorite books are published by them? They have a great Twitter feed too. I highly recommend it. Talk about a dream job for Jess, I'd scrub their coffee filters if that was all they had available.