Weekend Report

Good morning! Our weekend turned out to be bursting with fun. Friday we had a good storm and by the evening, the skies were dramatic! I took a few photos on our way to see Disney's Alice in Wonderland at a school pajama party with pizza. Kid heaven!

Isn't this the prettiest puddle you've seen lately?

Saturday the boys took the dog out for an epic jog with bikes. When they got home, I headed out to Michaels, not my favorite place to shop anymore, but the closest independent yarn stores were 15+ miles away. I managed to find my inspiration after two hours there, but I'll tease you and do a separate post about it. ;)

Yesterday we met a dear friend of mine and her family for an epic adventure at the coast. It was so epic that we completely lost track of time and the hike back to the cars took much longer than expected. The only sour note of the weekend was that we had invited my poor MIL for dinner and she arrived on time, but we didn't. She waited and waited for us at home, but by the time we reached a place with a cell signal again, it was much too late and she rightfully gave up on us. We feel terrible about it and we're scheming a way to make it up to her.

How did your weekend turn out?

* Very harsh lighting conditions but you get some idea of where we were yesterday.