I hit a giant wall on Sunday in my unpacking. I just -- stopped. I'm worn out. I've been sitting in the red rocking chair a lot, sharing the tv with the Noodle (Curious George vs. HGTV) and trying not to judge myself too harshly. 

Moving twice in eight months is a lot to coordinate and navigate already; knowing this house is temporary (because it is not ours) halts my motivation fairly regularly. I find myself questioning every box: "Do I really need to unpack this? If I don't, where will I put it? If I do, where will I put what's inside?"

I did manage to make dinner though.

Hello crockpot chicken tacos.

I've got my desk somewhat set up. 
Isn't the early evening light dreamy?

He seems to like it too.

Does anyone have ideas on linen storage when there is no linen closet? I have thought of a) buying an armoire, b) install shelving in the dining room closet, c) use an 8' bureau that I already own, d) one towel per person and that's it.

Also, I am obsessed with antique white furniture for this house. Is it to counterbalance all the wood paneling? One must wonder.