100 Photos: No. 4

You might have heard about a series of storms on the West Coast this week. Luckily I got to enjoy them all from the warmth and comfort of home. There was a golden bright sunny moment in between downpours yesterday and I was inspired by our little rascal in the backyard.

After the Storm

Okay, Jackson's not that little but he is a rascal. He was very perplexed by my Pola, he's used to my Canon I guess and never gives it a second glance. Here's a bit of personal trivia for you. I was a huge Mad About You fan back in the day (well, I'm still a huge fan) and the show always ended with "Sit Ubu Sit. Good dog." I still say that in my mind (even when I'm telling Jackson to sit).

Fine, I will admit that I quote lots of random bits of that show in my mind on a regular basis: like the tease from Season Two's episode "Love Letters" when Paul is slurping his soup loudly and Jamie is staring at him and finally he notices and asks, "What?" and she says, "I was just thinking about how much I love you" in the most perfect tone of voice.

Isn't it funny how a Polaroid can lead you down Memory Lane?